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I help you to transform from your current job, which forbids traveling and does not pay what you deserve, to a well-paid software developer that can work from wherever he wants.

By coaching you personally we will skip expensive certificates and degrees. We will clarify your goals and where you stand now. From there we create an individual learning path where we work on your technical skills and your ability to succeed in a job interview. Book a free consultation call with me and get your next action steps now.

Does your job make you suffer?

You cannot travel?

Because your job keeps you at your workplace?

You cannot grow?

Because your work doesn't have the challenges you need?

You earn to little?

Because the market doesn't provide enough?

Does your job make you feel that you waste your potential?
As a Software Developer, this feels different..

..since Developers can work remotely, have very exciting tasks in a very diverse field, and earn extraordinary well.


My name is Martin Krutzfeld and I am a german Senior Software Developer. In my first year, I was able to work remotely for german companies while traveling through beautiful Spain. I was trusted with projects of big companies, where I developed into a knowledge spreader.


In my second year, I earned over 160.000€ per year and then migrated to Zurich where I worked for top companies in the insurance and financial industry.

I managed to do that despite not having any degree or certificate but having self-taught on-point hard skills and knowing exactly what and how to communicate.


I want to provide individual and lasting help to you because my fulfillment is to see people prosper.

The 5-Step Plan

1. Motivation

Why do you want to move? In this step, I help you to clarify your motivations for becoming a software developer. Clarifying Motivations amplifies them and that will help you in having the discipline in this process.


Where do you want to move to? Software-Development is a broad and overwhelming field, and you need to narrow it down. With my experience, I will give you guidance on where to go aligning with your Motivations.


Where do you stand? To achieve your goals you need to know where you stand. After finding that out, I will provide you with a well-structured learning path from where you stand, to where you want to go.


Part of this path will be to learn how to code. Together we are selecting your favorite learning material. This could be ressources like video courses, books or tutorials. Together we are working them through and I will provide you with intense support and guidance on your sticking points.


All the skills in the world don’t mean much if you cannot present yourself in the best way possible. We will work on your documents as well as the way you talk and present yourself. We practice the interview situation and I will provide you with Feedback on your real-world interviews. This will lead to you getting multiple offers you can choose from.

What happens after that?

Now you are a Software Developer. Congratulations! You defeated the hardest task in this field already: Getting in. Now you can build your skills while getting paid good money, while traveling and not to forget: while having fun! 

About Sustainability..

In this process I keep being at your side to sustain your success. Since you work as a Software Developer you will learn and grow a lot. We will have regular calls from time to time to further model your success in the field.


Me as a Software Developer

Product Owner

...2 years we looked for a developer like you...


...very quickly Martin Krutzfeld was able to fulfill all business and technical requirements.  Simultanously he onboarded three more Software Developers.

Product Owner

...reliable, responsible and self-reliant...
...very goal-focused work ethic, despite high complexity tasks...

Your Questions

What if I am not happy with your service?
If you are unhappy, you get your money back.
I tried a lot to learn how to code and it didn’t work. How is your program different?

 I do not only teach you how to code. Knowing how to code alone is as pointless as buying a hammer and never using it. I teach you how to get a job as a developer, which involves more than just coding: learning how to find what you want and

Most boot camps are one-way. The teacher is teaching you, you have no chance of deciding or altering the process. This doesn’t consider you as an individual. When we are working together it is different, we are creating your learning path together, before walking on it.

How Do I proceed? What happens in the call?

Book an appointment with me and we will talk about how I can help you. I will give you some guidance for free on what to do next regarding becoming a Software Developer.

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